Project Team

Meet the Project Team!

Prof Ruth Gaunt

Ruth Gaunt is a Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Lincoln, with a PhD from Tel-Aviv University. She held prestigious fellowships at Harvard University, the University of Louvain, and the University of Cambridge. She has published widely on the social psychology of gender and families. Her recent book with Prof Francine Deutsch, Creating Equality at Home (Cambridge University Press) tells the stories of couples around the world whose everyday decisions about housework, childcare, and paid work achieve gender equality at home.

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Dr Ana Jordan

Ana Jordan is an Associate Professor at the University of Lincoln, with a PhD from the University of Bristol. She has published extensively on gender politics, especially the politics of masculinity and men’s movements, including constructions of fatherhood(s) by men’s and fathers’ rights groups. Her recent monograph, The ‘New’ Politics of Fatherhood: Men’s Movements and Masculinities (2019), examines the role of changing masculinities in creating equality and/or reinforcing inequality, analysing diverse men’s movements, their politics, and the identities they (re)construct.

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Prof Anna Tarrant

Anna Tarrant is a Professor in Sociology at the University of Lincoln. Her funded research has focused on men’s care responsibilities in low-income families. In January 2020, she commenced a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship to conduct a qualitative longitudinal and participatory study about the lives and support needs of young fathers.

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Dr Mariana Lobo Pinho

Mariana Pinho is a Research Fellow at the Eleanor Glanville Institute (EGI), University of Lincoln, UK. She holds a PhD in Psychology and her research interests include social psychology of gender, work and family and equality, diversity and inclusion. Her most recent publication focused on caregiving fathers and breadwinning mothers and their division of housework and childcare.

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Nicola Chanamuto

Nicola Chanamuto is a Lecturer in the Lincoln Academy of Learning and Teaching and a Research Assistant in the School of Psychology (University of Lincoln). Nicola has a professional background in community development, non-governmental organisations and the public sector. Her current doctoral research looks at the lived experiences of migrant women doing domestic work in the UK. She is particularly interested in the intersections between aspiration, care and migration.

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Dr Agata Wezyk

Agata Wezyk is a Lecturer in the Psychology Department at Bournemouth University and former Research Assistant at the University of Lincoln’s School of Psychology. She completed her PhD in Psychology which focuses on the lay understanding of psychological stress. Her main interests include work-life balance, gender, and positive experiences and emotions in work and family settings.

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Former members of the Research Team

Dr Emma Long

Emma Long was a former Research Assistant at the University of Lincoln. In October 2020 she was awarded an ESRC-funded Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of York’s Department of Politics. There, she continues her research exploring military family welfare; how army partners are framed within welfare providers’ policies and outputs, and how this framing is interpreted and lived by army partners.

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Advisory Board members

  • Prof Susan Himmelweit is Emeritus Professor of Economics at the Open University and a member (former founding Chair) of the Women’s Budget Groupa policy advisory group of leading feminist economists, policy experts and campaigners committed to achieving a more gender equal future by scrutinising government policy from a gender perspective.  


  • Adrienne Burgess is the Joint CEO and Head of Research of the Fatherhood Institute, which aims to work towards a society that gives all children a strong and positive relationship with their father and/or father figure and supports both mothers and fathers as earners and carers. 




  • Prof Steve McKay is a Distinguished Professor in Social Research at the University of Lincoln. His recent research focuses on inequalities, family policy and the gendered division of labour. 


  • Amanda Farineau is a Policy Analyst at the Department for Work and Pensions. Amanda’s specific expertise is in families, labour market and disadvantage analysis.